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Academic Year 2024-2025: Lessons begin Saturday, September 7, 2024

The private lesson academic year runs from September to June with 33 lessons Monday and Saturday and 36 lessons Tuesday to Friday.

Registration & Annual School Fees

Annual School Fee

An annual school fee will apply to all students registered in private lessons. Families registering more than one student will receive a reduced school fee for each additional student. The School Fee and lesson deposit are due upon registration.

  1. Early Bird School Fee (On or Before May 20): $200
  2. Regular School Fee (After May 20): $250
  3. Additional students from the same family: $200
  4. Students starting after December 1 will pay a pro-rated school fee.


Tuition: Tuition is divided into 9 instalments with the first instalment due upon registration, followed by monthly payments from September thru April. Tuition will be processed on the 2nd of the month or the first business day of the month, whichever comes first. Tuition for classes/programs/camps are processed in full upon registration.

Late/Insufficient Payments: Any payments more than 15 days late, no matter the cause, will be subject to a $20.00 late fee/payment. Guelph School of Music reserves the right to suspend classes for students whose accounts are unpaid or have a balance owing. Returned Direct Debit will incur a $45 NSF charge. There will also be a charge for declined Credit Cards that are not updated within 3 days of contact.

Missed Lessons & Make-Up Policy

Fees for missed lessons (illness, vacation, etc) are non-refundable. Students who chose not to attend a lesson forfeit that lesson and will not receive a make-up. Students must notify their teacher if they will be absent. There is no extra time given to students who arrive late for lessons or classes.

If a teacher cancels a lesson for any reason (inclement weather, illness, etc) they will be responsible for scheduling a make-up class with students. Make-up lessons may be offered as either in-person or online lessons. If a Teacher proposes a makeup session to a student who is unable to attend, and the student declines, the student forfeits the makeup lesson. The teacher is not obligated to continue to offer alternate times. All makeup lessons must be completed by June 30 of the current academic year.

Virtual Lessons

Online lessons will be taught in the following situations:

  1. If in-person lessons and classes must be cancelled due to weather conditions, lessons and classes may continue online.
  2. In order to prevent the spread of illness, we strongly recommend online lessons when a student is mildly unwell but can still fully participate in the lesson.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Enrollment for private lessons is done on a per-lesson basis. In the event that a student wishes to discontinue lessons for any reason, a written four-week notice of withdrawal is required and should be sent to [email protected]. Withdrawal notice must be received a minimum of 24 hours prior to the next lesson. If immediate withdrawal is necessary, the student will forfeit the remaining lessons within the four week notice period. A refund will be issued for any remaining tuition paid beyond the 4 weeks. Any outstanding tuition must be paid on receipt of the withdrawal notice. All makeup lessons must be completed within the four week period or the lessons will be forfeited.

$50 of every school fee is designated as non-refundable. Students who withdraw prior to November 1st are eligible for a refund of the school fee with the deduction of the non-refundable $50. After November 1st, all school fees become entirely non-refundable.

Payments for group classes are non-refundable. However, if there is insufficient registration in group classes, programmes will be cancelled and all fees returned.

All refunds will be issued by direct deposit.

Inclement Weather

The Guelph School of Music follows in the footsteps of the Upper Grand District School Board and the City of Guelph. When schools and evening/weekend city programs are closed, the Guelph School of Music will close as well. If buses are canceled but schools remain open, the Guelph School of Music will remain open. Should weather conditions worsen throughout the day, the Guelph School of Music will make a decision by 2pm and notify students if lessons will be cancelled. When lessons are cancelled, Guelph School of Music teachers may choose to offer lessons online or offer a make-up at another date.

Recitals & Performance Classes

Recitals: Students are highly encouraged to participate in the Winter & Spring Recitals. Piano accompaniment for recitals is available for an additional fee. Participants are encouraged to dress in attire that reflects the significance of the occasion emphasizing the need for neatness and tidiness. The dress code for students participating in music recitals aims to ensure a professional and respectful atmosphere while allowing participants to express themselves through their attire. Students should avoid clothing with offensive images or language that may detract from the performance or cause discomfort to audience members.

Performance Classes: Students also have the opportunity to participate in three Performance Classes held in fall, winter, and spring. These classes are hosted by their private studio teacher and is designed to help students prepare for upcoming recitals or festival performances, learn performance etiquette, and assist in managing performance anxiety. If students do not wish to actively participate, they are encouraged to observe.

Group Classes: Group classes will have a final performance as determined by the teacher.

Kiwanis Music Festival

The teacher’s attendance in the Kiwanis Music Festival constitutes the participating student’s lesson for that week.


  • Parents/Students are responsible for the purchase of all music and materials.
  • Parents/Students are responsible for the registration and payment of any extracurricular activities such as Kiwanis Music Festival or Royal Conservatory of Music Exams.
  • Students receive lessons for the lesson length and number of lessons they have registered and paid for.
  • Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions about his or her lessons.
  • Guelph School of Music reserves the right to cancel any student enrollment for negligence of payment, poor attendance, inappropriate behaviour or misconduct by the student, parent or guardian.
  • Guelph School of Music reserves the right to make schedule changes, combine classes or cancel classes with insufficient enrolment if necessary. This includes but is not limited to: Private Lessons, Group Classes, Summer Camps, etc.
  • Guelph School of Music reserves the right to make changes to staff at the discretion of the Executive Director and Program Manager.
  • Registration in the Guelph School of Music implies acceptance of School Policy.
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