Private Lessons

Our private lessons are available for people of any age, pre-school to senior and any level from beginner to advanced. Typically there are 36 lessons in the academic year from September to June and we also offer summer instruction. Please note that it is possible to start lessons at any time in the year. Students taking private lessons participate in Performance Classes held 3 times per year and in our Winter and Spring Recitals.

Students who are new to The Guelph School of Music must register with the school before arranging lessons or classes.


Private lesson fees range from $30 – $32 per half hour lesson, $45 – $48 per 45 minute lesson and $60 – $64 per hour lesson. Annual School Fee of $215. Registration fee of $30 for new students only.

Currently, private lessons are offered in the following areas:

  • Piano
  • Suzuki Piano
  • Violin
  • Voice
  • Music Theory
  • Classical Improvisation at the Piano
  • Composition
  • Ear training

Suzuki Piano

Guelph School of Music offers the World Famous Suzuki Method of music instruction in Suzuki Piano. These private lessons are best suited for beginning students ages 4-7 and feature the mother tongue approach and parent involvement. Children learn to play through listening and imitation. Technique and tone production are taught from the beginning. Music reading is introduced later.

The parent has an important role in Suzuki lessons, attending the lessons and practicing daily with the child as well as playing the Suzuki CD daily. Parents need no previous musical experience as the teacher provides on-going training and support. Children (accompanied by parents) participate in Performance Classes held three times per year.

Suzuki Piano Teachers: Tracey Clarke-Rankine, Beth Davis, and Olga Zeidel
Substitute Suzuki Piano Teacher: Linda McConnell