Linda McConnell

Linda McConnell

B. Mus.
Substitute Piano Teacher, Office Administrator

Linda joined the faculty of the Guelph School of Music in September 2007 as a Suzuki piano teacher. She retired from regular teaching in September 2018 and is now our resident substitute piano teacher. Like successful Suzuki students, Linda grew up in the environment of a musical home. Playtime often involved dancing to classical music being played on the stereo and she always loved singing in choirs.

After a childhood of studying piano with Royal Conservatory of Music teachers, she graduated with a Grade 10 certificate and furthered her studies to complete a Bachelor Music with Distinction degree at McGill University in Quebec. During her McGill years, Linda was introduced to the Suzuki philosophy.

Intrigued with the Suzuki movement, she returned after years of teaching piano traditionally and began her Suzuki teacher training, completing all levels with some of the finest Suzuki Teacher Trainers. Committed to the Suzuki philosophy, Linda continues her ongoing personal and professional development and believes wholeheartedly in parents as partners. Now a seasoned Suzuki teacher, Linda has been teaching the Suzuki Piano Method since 1995.

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