Leslie Wyber Scholarship Deadline

Application Deadline is May 1, 2020

These scholarships were established in honour of Dr. Leslie Wyber who founded The Guelph School of Music in 1997 and are awarded to students studying at the school. The scholarships will be presented at the annual Guelph School of Music Spring Recital. Applications can be downloaded from our website.

  1. Community Connection Scholarship: This scholarship will go to the student that shows the most achievement with their music in areas of community involvement. Participation in community groups, faith groups, festivals and competitions are all ways that students can reach out to the community and showcase and share their musical talents.
  2. Artistic Advancement Scholarship: The Artistic Advancement Scholarship will be given in recognition of a student who has shown determined, consistent dedication to improvement of their musical skills, through disciplined practice routines.
  3. Excellence Scholarship: The Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to the student that has shown exceptional musicianship and accelerated improvement in their musical skills through the year.

Please note: Scholarships are funded exclusively from donations received at GSM Recitals.

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